Scientific management,Perfect process flow,set the stage for the manufactring of high quality products

Honghui Mould Limited is a plastic injection mould builder with facilities in Huangyan, Zhejiang, China. We make perform mould, cap mould, bottle blowing mould for plastic products manufacturers. We also provide folding machine, full-automatic slitting machine, lining machine and all kinds of assistant machine.

Honghui, as the member of Huangyan Mould Association, is founded in 1992 as a professional mould maker. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing plastic mould, we have gathered an extensive expertise in all available mould design, mould maintenance, mould repair and reengineering. We also provide CNC Milling/ Machining and EDM Cutting.

ISO 9001-2000
OPTIMIZE DESIGN AS PER CLIENT REQUEST Based on decade experience in injection molds manufacturing,continuous innovation and development,Honghui Mould can better satisfy customer’sneed.
Honghui Mould Limited is a professional mould maker in Preform Mould, Cap Mould, Blow Bottle Mould and Glass Cement Mould Industry. Honghui mould covers a wide rang of diameters from 16mm to 630mm. For many years......
With the newly designed equipment and finishing tec- hniques, Honghui guarantees the high quality of the mold and shortens the time from product design to production, also to ensure that the mold could be used and maintained effectively.
From initial concept through to production, Honghui can assist with in-house services all the way, as well as to save lots of your time and cost. We Offer Adva- nced preform moulds with up to 96 cavities; optimized mold ........
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